Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Attention Querents Everywhere!

Feisty Readers:
Due to our overwhelming catalogue of life experiences, Wood vs. Wood has decided to add a monthly advice column for readers and friends seeking life direction. Our first query comes from a troubled young man whom I believe you will all find very endearing. I think we can all agree that it clearly falls into Lauren's category of expertise.

Dear Miss Wood:
I am twenty-eight year-old Random Gentle Love Dreamer called “Don,” I have a uncontrollable obsession with staples, any kind of staples, anywhere, most people consider this a cute personality quirk, my new romantic love interest Random Brutal Love Master “Deena,” seems to avoid me, I am wondering if staples are involved, or maybe my beard is ? Do you think there's a social problem, what’s to be done.

P.S. Please do not bring up “staple remover” in your answer, as it causes me grief.

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